Saturday, August 7, 2010

Water Funtivities at Melissa's!!

Again, thanks to my sister Melissa for creating and capturing fun memories for my kids!! I guess everyone went to Melissa and Steve's house last night to watch a movie and all the kids fell asleep. Being the sweet, caring aunt that my sister Melissa is, she didn't want to wake up the sweet peaceful kids so she just let them all sleep over!! She had my boys, Owen and Brinlie. In the morning she made them sugar donuts and then they got suited up for the water fun!!
How adorable is this baby??? She is the cutest!!!
It is amazing how much fun can be had in a baby pool!!

They hooked two slip-n-slides together for a giant party!!

I love seeing the faces and poses on slip-n-slide pictures!!!!

After the water fun at Melissa's Monica, Amb, Alex and Max got ready and met us at the Gateway for the Bee's game!

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