Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School is in Session!!!

It is here again, that time of year when a little bit of normalcy returns into my life.
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This is Alexa's last year at the Jr. High. She is starting Seminary this year. She was not very excited to get back into the routine of school. She is a great student and does really well in all her classes so I am not worried about her one bit!!! Her school starts at 7:50am (I think). She is in a carpool so I don't have to wake up that early everyday...thank goodness!
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Alex was super excited about heading back to school and he was counting the days! He has Mr. Bates this year, who I hear is an excellent teacher. Alex has promised me that he is going to be better about getting his homework done this year, we struggled a bit last year! He has also decided that 5th grade is going to be pretty hard so he is not going to be as chatty in class! I know he will do great! His school starts at 8:20am (I think) but he is there WAY before that! He likes to eat breakfast at school so he goes early.
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Max starts pre-school in a couple weeks but he couldn't be left out. He is being watched by my sweet neighbor who is also his pre-school teacher so technically I guess it was his first day too! He is so excited to start school and had so much fun picking out what to wear today! I take him when I go to work at 10am however today he insisted on walking to school just like Alex. I followed him in the car.

Another great thing about the kids going back to school=FALL is right around the corner, I CAN"T WAIT!!!

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Ace said...

They all look so cute... and stylish!

Love your cute, cute boys, and Miss Alexa is drop dead gorgeous-

I can't wait for fall either!
Hate to wish summer ado, but I am obsessed with all things autumn.