Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bees Game

Alexa and I met Monica, Amberly and the boys at the Gateway in Salt Lake. I was pretty excited to see them after being away for a week! We had lunch/dinner at the food court and then we shopped for a little bit. It rained for a minute and then it cleared up and was great! After we were done there we headed to the Bee's Game!!
Aside from Max getting lost (only for a few minutes but it was scary as heck), we had a great time watching the baseball game. The Bee's lost but we did see a guy a few rows in front of us take a foul ball right in the gut...OUCH!!! It was pretty scary, If it would have been a few inches higher it would have been one of us!!!

Just goofing around...the game was a little slow so we entertained ourselves!!

After the game was over Alex and Max ran the bases...
They each got a free kids meal at Old Spaghetti Factory so that is totally fun!! We had a great night and it is good to have my boys back!!! I missed them!!!

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Ace said...


Why is it that these ball games are so much more fun than the ones at the Spanish Fork Sports Park?

I don't get it.

Maybe it's the hot dogs?

Could it be the excitement of losing a child in the masses and then rediscovering them, or watching a guy take a fast ball to the guts?

Either way-- I'd take a Bees game over city league ball any day!

Does this mean I'm a bad mother?