Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We finally made it to Lagoon!! Alex has been going crazy all summer waiting and waiting!! Me and the kids took off at 10am, we picked up Harrison and Parker too! Monica, Kenzie and Jake met us there! It wasn't too crowded since we got there shortly after it opened.
Alexa took Max on the LadyBug Bop and he did not like it. He said it make his stomach feel weird! He did not want to go on it again!
Monica took all the "big" kids on rides while I hung out with Max in kiddie land. I did go on the baby tidal wave with him.
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The rest of the time I just watched him go on rides. He was having so much fun even though he didn't have a buddy to ride with! He would go wait in line and I would stand by the exit and watch him have a blast on all the rides!
After a while we met up at the picnic tables to have lunch. We made sandwiches and had chips and drinks. We had a pretty long lunch and Alex got really impatient! I made them pose for 1 picture before they took off again!

Amy, Jason, Owen, Amberly, Melanie, Brooklyn and Brinlie finally arrived so Max had someone to go on rides with!! He went on all the rides again with Owen and Brin. He wouldn't go on this one though!!
We all hit the baby tidal wave, then we went on the big tidal wave and Max didn't love that one too much. I guess he takes after his dad a little!
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We all went on the Music Express, except for Mel and Harrison. Amb was in the seat with me and Max put she couldn't get her head over far enough to be in the picture!!

We kind of split up and some of us went on the train and the big kids went on Wicked and Spider and Cliffhanger etc. It was getting time for dinner so we ate Arby's and then there wasn't much time left since the park closed at 10pm. We split up again and I think everyone was able to go on all the rides they wanted to but it did seem like we were really rushed!

Max went on Dracula's Castle and the TerrorRide and hid his eyes most the time. We went on the skyride and he and Brin ended the night on the Merry-go-round. We had a really fun day and the weather was supposed to be crappy but it turned out great!!

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Shortcake and Company said...

We have discount passes to Lagoon and my kids have never been there. I just haven't wanted to drive all the way up there. But, your pictures make the rides look so nice and stuff. Hmm...maybe we will have to go after all.