Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner and Doorbusting

This year we are with the Cope's for Thanksgiving. The Rogers just bought a new house a few months ago and so we all went there for dinner.
I was in charge of the jello, that is perfect for me!!! We ate really yummy food and sat and talked.
Carrie made all the pies and they were so delicious...I tried a few of them because I couldn't resist!!!

After dinner we left for Logan, it was pretty late by the time we hit the road. My parents and Monica and Amb went to Ryan's house for Thanksgiving with the Keller's because everyone was at the in-law's this year. We decided to stop in at Annette's to say Hi to everyone on our way. We played Wii and ate more pie!!!

We finally got to Logan really really late and Amy and Melissa met us at Mom and Dad's so we could decide what store to go to first. We decided to go to Wal Mart first and left about 3:30am. The good thing about going there is you don't have to wait outside in the cold. Mel met us there and we all split up and waited by the stuff we wanted to get. I was hoping to get Alexa a camera and there were some toys that I wanted for my nieces and nephews. We ended up getting everything we were hoping for plus MORE!! We were there until about 7:30am and went to McDonald's for breakfast after. Then we hit some more stores and shopped our butts off all day!! We had a great time together, it is a great tradition that we sisters have and I hope we do it forever!!!!

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