Thursday, November 26, 2009

Earn Your Turkey RUN!!!

Rich was really excited about running this race. I would have been just as happy sleeping in and watching the parade but I played along. We woke up at 7am to get bundled up for our 4 mile Turkey Trot.
Rich getting in a good stretch before we took off.
Here is the temperature right before the race started. I had a jacket but I knew I would get warm running so I left it in the car. They split up the men and women and we each started on different roads, that was weird. Rich was really wanted to win at least in his age category because he wanted a free turkey or pie.
Here we are after the race. Once the sun came out it made it alot nicer. It was actually pretty great weather for running. Rich finished in 25 minutes and he looped around to run me in. I finished in 39 minutes and I was really happy about that. Just about 10 minute miles...not bad!
Well Rich ended up 3rd in his age division and so he didn't get a turkey or a pie just a ribbon. The awards took FOREVER and the announcer was totally driving me crazy. Rich was determined that we were going to win something so we waited and waited and waited. FINALLY they got to the raffle prizes and Rich won a turkey and I won a pie so we were both happy but we didn't get home until noon!!!

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