Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HCG Diet is OVER!!

Today I can EAT again!!!

I ended up losing only 15 pounds but I feel good about that. It was SO HARD to not have diet coke and sugar (especially over Halloween) but I did it and I am really proud of myself. It isn't a huge change but it feels good and I plan on getting into a regular running routine and being more careful about what I eat!!

I ended up eating alot of salads and chicken breasts. I did have a roll at our book club dinner and I might have eaten a few other things that I wasn't supposed to but NO sugar or Diet Coke. I had Arby's Roast beef sandwiches without the bun and I had chicken salads from Wendy's with fat free dressing. I ate A TON of apples and drinking all that water was pretty hard!!!

It was a great experience and I learned that I really do have will power and can set goals and accomplish them. 15 pounds in 23 days isn't too shabby. I am hoping to be where I want to be soon, on my own it will take time but I am dedicated to making the change!!!

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