Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grand Openings and Midnight Movies

It seems every time we go to St. George or pass through it we always stop at In-N-Out Burger. I love it!! I was very excited to see them building one in Orem.
Rich and I were watching the news and saw that it was the Grand Opening and people were camping out, I asked Rich if we should go (to camp out) and he said no way that is CRAZY!! I kind of agree but if he would have said yes you know I would have jumped in the car and gone!!! I told him we should go for lunch but he thought it would be too busy and take too long. I was disappointed, I LOVE being among the "firsts" for things! Well I guess I rubbed off a little on him because he called me at work and asked if I still wanted to go...of course I did!! He and Joseph me me there and it wasn't that bad of a wait...about 40 minutes from the time I got there to when we got our food, and it was TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!!!

Last year Alexa and I went to the midnight showing of "Twilight" and I blogged about it. As I said above, I love to be among the "firsts" for anything so of course there was no question about me seeing "New Moon" at midnight. I was going to get tickets and just to be polite asked Rich if he was interested in going, thinking for sure he would say no. Well he told me that he would like to go. I was surprised and then I told him that if he went Alex and Max would have to come too (since we can't really get a babysitter at midnight). He said that was fine and so I got us all tickets.
Alexa ended up going with Paige to help with the pre-movie party. Me, Rich and the boys went to the theater at about 10:30pm to get in line. It was pretty cold outside so me and Alex stood in line outside while Rich and Max hung out in the car. They let us inside the theater at 11:30 so it wasn't too bad.
They ended up starting the movie really late and that was pretty annoying but the movie was GREAT!! It was so much better than the first and I was very glad that we went and saw it first! Max stayed awake almost the whole movie and he loved it. I thought he might be scared of the werewolves and vampires but he wasn't. We all really liked it, even Rich and we didn't get home until after 3:00am!! GOOD TIMES!


stephanie said...

New moon WAS better than the first one.
Did you happen to run the earn your turkey yesterday?
I am a friend of Tyler an Kim and read your blog occasionally. I recognized your name on the result sheet and wondered if it was you.

angela said...

yes i did, me and my husband di it...i will be posting about that one of these was a fun race!!