Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon

It was a good thing that we got a hotel room in Lehi because 7am comes too early!! We quietly got ready and left the kids asleep in the room. We jogged over to the starting line and waited for the race to begin!

The sun was shining and I knew it was going to be a beautiful day for a run!! Rich used my earphones and didn't put them back in the van so I was without music, that's OK I think it helped me keep a better pace!

The course was awesome, we ran through the gardens at Thanksgiving Point and along the Golf course and the Jordan River. There were some uphills and downhills and the aid stations were spaced well and always had plenty of re-fueling!! I averaged 10 minute miles and that is a good pace for me. I hope to get faster and maybe one of these days I will finish in under 2 hours!!!

Rich of course was the first one to finish so he was in charge of going back to the room to get the kids and bring them back. I thought they would be there by the time I crossed the finish line but I didn't see them! I was a little disappointed, it is always good to see friendly faces when you are done running 13.1 miles!!
Alexa took this shot of Rich and I while Monica was...
getting a relaxing massage!! She finished 2nd and got in line, by the time I was done I didn't want to wait in the line, and I was feeling pretty good!!! They had tons of food and drinks at the finish line (which is a good thing because I have done races that have run out of water and that is terrible)!! I think I drank like 4 or 5 cartons of chocolate milk!!!
Max was mad that we "left him" because he wanted to race with us. He had to wear my medal because he thought it was so cool!
Alexa was getting pretty bored waiting for the awards and raffle, she would have been happier back at the hotel watching TV.

Here are the official results for the three of us:

Rich finished 8th overall in 1 hour and 28 minutes
Monica was 229th overall in 2 hours and 3 minutes
Angela was 366th overall in 2 hours 14 minutes (PR)

There were a total of 583 finishers in the 1st annual Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon!
Rich was 1st in his age group and got a little trophy and a Road ID gift certificate! We had a great morning and I will for sure want to run this race again next year!!!

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