Saturday, April 3, 2010

Its Egg Time!!

The following are photos of the great time the kids had coloring the eggs!!! Max and Owen were loving it and Max couldn't get enough, as soon as he put his egg in a color he was asking for another one!!

I think my mom boiled something like 8 dozen eggs...WOW!! She always wants to make sure everyone gets a turn making as many as they want!!

Halfway through the eggs we got a surprise knock on the was cousin Jeremy and his wife Shannon from Washington!! They stopped on their way through to Arizona and Vegas. I haven't seen him since Grandpa's funeral so it was a great surprise!!!
They are going to spend a couple nights here and then get back on the road!!

Monica pretty much frosted all the sugar cookies by herself and so it was time for the marshmellow eggs!
All the kids wanted to help and there were alot of fingers in the pan. I should have taken a picture of the finished product...once they were covered in chocolate, oops. They were SO DELICIOUS!!!

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