Sunday, April 11, 2010

Harper's Blessing

Today we went to the blessing of Harper Reed Summers. Steve gave her a wonderful blessing and the meeting was really good. We all headed to their home for lunch after. It was a FULL house!!! We ate and ate and it was all SO yummy!!

All these pictures were taken by Melanie, she is getting really good and I am quite jealous!! Harper was really happy to have all her family there to celebrate her day but she was getting pretty mad at all the pictures being taken of her!!!
We stayed all day and so lots of people ended up taking naps. Alexa was great at putting all the babies to sleep. Korver snuggled right up and was out!!
Max and Owen and Lilly and Haley had a great time in Harper's room reading her books and putting together puzzles!!!

It was a great day and we are so glad to have Harper in the family!!

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Jennifer said...

Harper is so cute! She looks so pretty in her little blessing dress!