Friday, April 27, 2012

Tea Party

I just found this fun tea set in Maizee's closet. She got it for Christmas and Rich shoved it up in her closet!!
She is really loving it!! It sings cute songs (that get annoying really fast) and even in a British accent!! I think this was probably Rich's FIRST tea party EVER!! So precious!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

9 Months Already

I can hardly believe that my "little tweetie" (as Rich so lovingly calls her) is nine months old!! She is NOT mobile in anyway really (she can turn a pretty good circle on her tummy and she goes backwards a little). She has 3.5 teeth (the top right is just poking through) and two more on top soon to follow.
She weighs in at a whole 17.4 pounds! She is just so much fun. On Sunday at church Rich was reading her a book and she was making the cutest sounds, almost like singing. She is getting to be a handful in church cause we go from 11-2pm and that is when she naps and she prefers to just be laid in her bed for her naps.
She is a great "sitter" and she loves to sit and play with her feet and her toys.
She also learned how to clap, if you say "yay" she will clap and she can wave goodbye too!!
You can kinda see her top tooth, she loves having her tongue out!! She is just so stinking sweet!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mole Removal

Alex has had 2 pretty good sized moles on his stomach for as long as I can remember. Recently, one of them has been hurting and bleeding and changing color etc. We decided it was finally time to go see the dermatologist. Today was the day. Alex was nervous. She took a look at the moles and determined that they needed to come off. She said she could "shave" them off today, or schedule a "surgical removal" that would have to be another day. Alex wanted to do that, I said take them off right now since we were already there.
She numbed it with a shot, right beneath the mole and then took a flat metal rectangular tool with a hole in the middle (and obviously some sort of sharp blade) and just skimmed the moles right off. Here is what was left when she was done...
this is the one that was fine and not causing any problems, it was just really big.
Here is the one that has been bleeding and bothering him.
You will notice he has been wearing a band aid over the bottom one (all the sticky marks). It was pretty gross and cool to watch, he was a trooper and did a great job. It hurt for a few hours after but it wasn't too bad. We went to Chuckarama for lunch afterwards. Hopefully they will heal well and he won't have really big scars!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brace Face

Well it finally happened, BRACES!!! I wish we could have done it sooner (we were planning to do it 3 years ago and then Rich had to go and get laid off). Well better late than never! Rich and I both had braces on at this time in our high school lives so it's really not that big of a deal, easy for me to say, right??
Alex begged me to check him out of school so he could come watch, and Rich ended up coming too (guess he was excited)!! I dropped off Max so he was the only one who missed it!!
She didn't want any pictures!!
I begged her to take a self portrait (and promised I wouldn't put it on Facebook). It only took about an hour and she was all braced up. Her Ortho said he was going to be really aggressive with the treatments so hopefully she will get them off in August 2013 (right before her Senior Year)!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gunnison Half Marathon

Well after not getting a great nights sleep we got up and to our surprise it was NOT raining and not too cold! At least the weather was on our side!! We had to get to Gunnison at 8:15am so we didn't have to get up too early, which was nice.
I snapped this photo before we checked out and we were off, ready or not!!

It was really windy when we started running but as we were going it got better, it was actually great weather for a long run. The course was pretty good and there was a great little gradual downhill that was awesome. They had a marker for every mile and water at all the even miles. Rich was frustrated because it was The Lion's Club at the water stations, so they were seniors. They just had bottled water and little cups but they didn't fill them until you were right in front of them and they weren't fast about it!! A cute man at mile 6 when I got a drink wanted to chat a bit about the race so I decided not to stop anymore for water! I thought it was kinda cute, Rich got annoyed!
I was feeling pretty good and getting close to the end when I spotted the lady in front of me a ways going UPHILL. That was not what I wanted to end with at all. It wasn't a steep hill but a gradual incline for about the last 3/4 of the course. Rich and Jamie (the guy in our ward who convinced us to do this race) were waiting at the top. I kept going slowly but surely, my thighs and hips were hurting. I saw the finish line and was happy that I beat my projected time of 2:45...cut it a bit close though!!

Here are the "official" results from the website in our age category:

2012 Gunnison Marathon Race Results
April 14, 2012

Race Number Name Time
30-39 Age Division

Half 49 310 Rich Cope 1:41:54
Half 51 347 Clint Keisel 1:47:30
Half 52 348 Varden Hadfield 1:48:58
Half 53 342 Ralaina Taylor 1:49:13
Half 56 330 Timothy Fowers 1:53:39
Half 58 325 Kristin Keisel 2:00:05
Half 60 320 Fawntell Mogle 2:06:10
Half 66 318 Desirae Christiansen 2:12:58
Half 67 327 Mark Wardle 2:13:51
Half 69 322 Derek Wells 2:14:38
Half 72 321 Susan Thompson 2:19:56
Half 73 326 Rebecca Gridley 2:19:57
Half 74 329 Erika Stover 2:21:47
Half 77 323 Ryan Roberts 2:31:39
Half 81 311 Angela Cope 2:39:16

15 total runners
Rich - FIRST

(p.s. check out some of those names...yikes)!!
(p.p.s. there were 43 people TOTAL that ran the Half Marathon)

We had an adventure, that is what makes doing stuff like this so much fun, and it makes for great memories!!
We headed home so I could shower, pick up the girls (Alexa and Maizee) and head to Logan to pick up the boys (Alex and Max)!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Manti Motel

Rich and I dropped Maizee off to Janet and Todd's for a sleepover and headed to Manti. Alexa stayed with her friend Madi. We got to our Motel to check in about 6:30pm. Rich was nervous about it, it was a $25 room so I didn't expect too much. It did feel a little like we were in a whole different world though, just not used to the "small town" feel.
Doesn't look so bad, right??

We drove to Gunnison (about 15 minutes away) for our pasta dinner that was included in the $28 registration fee. Rich's work totally reimbursed us for the cost of the race because they encourage people to be healthy and stay fit. Score for us!!
We were the first ones to eat and the Lion's Club was in charge of serving the dinner so as we sat down with our food we had a handful of senior citizens watching our every bite!! The food was OK but not the best and I didn't really get full.

As we got in the car we were discussing our current situation: a)crappy room, b)expected bad weather, c)lack of training and d)just being in the boonies in general. We had watched the weather all week and they had forcast rain on Saturday morning. Running 13 miles is hard enough, the rain would just make it miserable. I told Rich if it was raining in the morning I was just going to run the 10k. He told me not to worry because he had been praying for no rain all week.
We decided to drive back to Ephraim to WalMart so we could buy a blanket to sleep with, Rich was not very comfortable with the room or the bedding. We stopped in the office to rent our free movies and got some of my favorite ice cream, Farr's bubble gum and went to the room.
Well the ice cream was freezer burned and tasted terrible and this is what we got to watch our free movies on:
Rich wasn't sure if they knew about flat screen TV's yet! Quite a disappointment!!
We took off the bedspread and got out our new blanket and settled in for the night. Oh, I almost forgot, the walls were paper thin and I think half of Mexico was next door having a party. This made us both nervous thinking it would go on all night. Luckily it didn't but when we turned the TV off to go to bed we could hear snoring through the walls!!
We are not planning on getting the best nights sleep!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Kindergarten ZOO Program

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you?? That is a song that I have heard Max singing for a few weeks now. Today was his classes turn to do "The Zoo" program for all the parents.
Max was a bear!!
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They each had a speaking part that they had to memorize and then there were lots of songs that they sang!
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They did a spooky song with black lights and it was pretty cool!! Max loved performing all the songs they worked on.
Rich, Maizee, Alex and I all really enjoyed the program!!