Friday, April 13, 2012

Manti Motel

Rich and I dropped Maizee off to Janet and Todd's for a sleepover and headed to Manti. Alexa stayed with her friend Madi. We got to our Motel to check in about 6:30pm. Rich was nervous about it, it was a $25 room so I didn't expect too much. It did feel a little like we were in a whole different world though, just not used to the "small town" feel.
Doesn't look so bad, right??

We drove to Gunnison (about 15 minutes away) for our pasta dinner that was included in the $28 registration fee. Rich's work totally reimbursed us for the cost of the race because they encourage people to be healthy and stay fit. Score for us!!
We were the first ones to eat and the Lion's Club was in charge of serving the dinner so as we sat down with our food we had a handful of senior citizens watching our every bite!! The food was OK but not the best and I didn't really get full.

As we got in the car we were discussing our current situation: a)crappy room, b)expected bad weather, c)lack of training and d)just being in the boonies in general. We had watched the weather all week and they had forcast rain on Saturday morning. Running 13 miles is hard enough, the rain would just make it miserable. I told Rich if it was raining in the morning I was just going to run the 10k. He told me not to worry because he had been praying for no rain all week.
We decided to drive back to Ephraim to WalMart so we could buy a blanket to sleep with, Rich was not very comfortable with the room or the bedding. We stopped in the office to rent our free movies and got some of my favorite ice cream, Farr's bubble gum and went to the room.
Well the ice cream was freezer burned and tasted terrible and this is what we got to watch our free movies on:
Rich wasn't sure if they knew about flat screen TV's yet! Quite a disappointment!!
We took off the bedspread and got out our new blanket and settled in for the night. Oh, I almost forgot, the walls were paper thin and I think half of Mexico was next door having a party. This made us both nervous thinking it would go on all night. Luckily it didn't but when we turned the TV off to go to bed we could hear snoring through the walls!!
We are not planning on getting the best nights sleep!!!

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