Sunday, April 22, 2012

9 Months Already

I can hardly believe that my "little tweetie" (as Rich so lovingly calls her) is nine months old!! She is NOT mobile in anyway really (she can turn a pretty good circle on her tummy and she goes backwards a little). She has 3.5 teeth (the top right is just poking through) and two more on top soon to follow.
She weighs in at a whole 17.4 pounds! She is just so much fun. On Sunday at church Rich was reading her a book and she was making the cutest sounds, almost like singing. She is getting to be a handful in church cause we go from 11-2pm and that is when she naps and she prefers to just be laid in her bed for her naps.
She is a great "sitter" and she loves to sit and play with her feet and her toys.
She also learned how to clap, if you say "yay" she will clap and she can wave goodbye too!!
You can kinda see her top tooth, she loves having her tongue out!! She is just so stinking sweet!!!