Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frigid 5k

Rich and I headed to Utah Lake State park this morning for our first 5k of 2012. A good friend in our ward has 2 nieces that need bone marrow transplants and so some of the proceeds of this race will go to the family. We thought that was a pretty good cause so we signed right up. When we left our house it wasn't doing anything but as we got into Provo the rain was coming down. We stood in line to get our packets and the hail started falling.
We waited for the race to start in Rich's car.
It was raining but people were getting lined up so we jumped out, took a quick photo and headed to the start line.
Rich ran with me the whole time and we just chatted and got SOAKED TO THE BONE!!

Here are the post race shots, it was a good run and we finished in 34 minutes. We got some donuts and hot chocolate and went inside where it was warm and dry!! Being wet and soggy is pretty uncomfortable!! We met Alexa and the kids at Alex's basketball game still a little soggy!

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