Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Girl Chair

Since Maizee is getting SO BIG, it was time for her to start being part of the family at mealtime, but we don't have a very spacious kitchen so a high chair was out of the question and we don't have chairs (just stools) so a booster seat thingy was also not going to work. The ideal solution was a chair that attaches to the counter, but I checked all the stores and no one had one!! I knew exactly where to check next, Amazon.com, and they did not disappoint!! Found this beauty, exactly what I wanted and for only $18!!! I (heart) Amazon!!!
Now she can sit right up at the counter with us all and she LOVES IT!! On Sunday, Alex was telling us all about his trip to Six Flags and Maizee was sitting right next to him, she had her head turned and was listening very intently to his story. We were all laughing at her and she would look at us to see what was so funny and as soon as Alex started talking again she turned her head and just stared at him!! Cutest thing ever!!!

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