Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Family Tradition

We started something new this year. I found 12 stories that went along with a little gift that I wrapped up and put under the tree. Each night one of the kids picked one and we read the story and opened the gift. It was really fun and I really enjoyed the stories, although some were a little too long!!

One of the stories was about giving gifts and so I attached an envelope with 6 $5 bills and we did a family name draw. We all went to Target and split up into groups in search of the perfect gifts. A $5 budget is pretty small but we were all able to find something.

After the Cope Christmas Eve party we came home, got in our jammies, took a family photo and then did our gift exchange.
Here is everyone decked out in their new Christmas jammies, or should I say pajamas?? Rich hates it when people call them "jammies."

Onto the gift exchange...we went oldest to youngest (who does that???)
Alexa had Rich
She got him a Cycling magazine, just what he wanted!!

Alex had me
He gave me some really pretty diamond earrings, I love them!!

Max had Alexa
He got her some diamond earrings too, different ones, just what she wanted!!!

Maizee had Alex
Maizee picked him out a Perry the Platypus shirt (she went a little over budget, don't tell)!! He loved it!!

Rich had Max
Pretty sure Rich went a little over budget too, he got Max a Hot Wheels starter set, that he LOVED!!

I had Maizee
I got her a stuffed Rhinoceros, she liked it!!

Now it's time for the kids to jump in bed!!! Santa's coming!!

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