Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cope Family Pictures

Norma arranged for family pictures at a studio in Payson. Everyone was there!! All 47 of us, that's right 18 adults and 29 kids...thought I would save you the trouble of counting for yourself!
The photographer sent us the "proofs" to see so we could decide what prints we wanted to order. I have to say I was a bit confused at how they would actually turn out (after all the editing).

Well, I am not gonna lie, it is a little weird that there is no floor...we are all just kind of floating in the air, I don't love it!! But there is NO CHANCE that we will have another group photo for quite some time so I am happy with it for that reason alone!

Here is just my family.

Again, not in love with the floating (which is a lot more noticeable in this one).

Bernard and Norma's picture turned out great! Bonus: NO floating

I like this one because sweet Maizee is being silly and has her tongue out!! She loves sticking out her tongue!

After the photo shoot some of us went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Joseph arranged it and we had a great time!

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