Friday, June 10, 2011

Alex Broke his Tooth!!!

This morning at Swim Team practice they were practicing "starts" on the blocks for the first swim meet of the season tomorrow. That is where you dive into the pool off the platform. Alex did this all last year so he was just polishing up his skills. Somehow (and I still don't really understand how this happened) when he dove in, instead of a shallow long dive, he went short and deep and hit his face on the bottom of the pool breaking off the bottom half of his front tooth. His upper lip was a little banged up and swollen too. It really makes no sense in my mind how this happened but it did!!
Enough of the tooth came off that some of the nerve was exposed making it pretty painful for him. Our Dentist does not work Fridays so I called the emergency number and he arranged to meet us at his office at 7:30pm. I gave him some IB Profin and told him to take it easy and try not to talk too much (the air on the nerve made it really sensitive). He wasn't really able to eat much all day either.

He was pretty anxious for 7:30 to roll around. Our Dentist did a fantastic job fixing his tooth. He just built it up with composite and it is very difficult to even tell where the break was! It is still a little bit sensitive but that will go away and he will be good as new!!!


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i love your smile.

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