Friday, February 10, 2012


Maizee is still wearing her NEWBORN slippers @ six months!!!
Maizee loves to hold onto her feet. She also likes tasting her little toesies too!!!

Maizee is a Big Girl

Miss Maizee thinks she is pretty hot stuff these days...
drinking her bottle one handed and holding her foot with the other hand!! She is pretty stinkin hilarious!! She is always kickin her foot when she drinks her bottle, she makes me laugh!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Steph and Jeff left for Argentina for 15 days!!! I took the first 8 night babysitting shift. Me, Max and Maizee went Tuesday night and are there til next Wednesday. Rich comes over after work but he, Alexa and Alex sleep at home. It is just easier with Alexa's carpool and Alex getting himself to school.

Here are some cute photos I took of Maizee, being at home all day is weird and a little boring. I guess if I was at my own house I could find things to do but when you are at someone else's house you can only clean so much (even though as soon as all the kids get home you would have never guessed it was once clean)!!

I am not going to lie, it was a long 8 days and I was really happy to get back home and sleep in my own bed!!!

Angela is the best aunt ever! I love Ang
Pieper drew this picture for me and it really made my day!!! She is a sweetheart!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cheering @ SFHS Basketball Games

Here are some photos I stole off facebook, I haven't made it to too many basketball games myself so I have to resort to thieving.
Alexa has had so many basketball games to cheer at between Girls and Boys, JV and Varsity. The season is almost over though and I think she will be relieved a little. There have been several times she will go to school and not get home til 10pm!! LONG DAYS!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Tooth

It just popped through!! I can't really take a photo because you can't see it that well but I wanted to document it!!

It was the bottom right that popped through first and Miss Maizee is not all that happy about it!! Well, that combined with not being at her own house and being a little sick too makes for a little grumpy baby!!

She is a sweetheart though and I couldn't love her more!!!


Cynthia, Rich's big sister turned 40 today. Her husband planned out a party and invited us over for dinner. It was so good, we ate steak and rice and some people ate shrimp and fish sticks (not me)!! We had cake and ice cream and enjoyed spending time with everyone that was able to come.

I saw this idea on Pinterest (well I sort of combined a few ideas) but I filled up a container with suckers and bubble gum, "the big 4 0 "sucks" and "blows," I thought it was pretty cute and all the kids loved that Cynthia was willing to share!!!