Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom Run 10k

Rich's work is very big on keeping employees fit and healthy so they offered to pay for anyone that wanted to participate in the Freedom Run in Provo. Rich and I signed up for the 10k. We have never done this race and it is a HUGE one, tons of people register, in fact between the 10k, 5k and mile run there were over 5,000 people running!!
The race started at 7am and we got there at about 6:55 and they had already started going!! Luckily we had a time chip so it didn't really matter! WOW never ever been to a race that has started on time, let alone a little early!
Got a quick "pre-race" shot and we were off!! Looks like we both needed a few more minutes to wake-up!!

The course was pretty hard but it wasn't too hot til the last mile so that was a good thing. We ran along the parade route for a mile or two and there were TONS of people who slept out to get their spots, there was music and people cheering on the runners, it was pretty fun. There was also a guy with a hose to run under and that was quite refreshing!! It ended on an uphill which was not great but it was a challenge!

Here is Rich

He finished in 43:57 and was 8th in his division and 91st overall.

This is me
You can see that I got too hot and had to strip off my shirt!! I finished in 1:12, 88th in my division and 1214 overall (last of the pack, but I finished)!!
We got a cool water bottle and a finishers medal at the finish line!
We saw some of our friends at the finish line and they snapped this shot of us!! Aren't we just so sweaty??
We are tired!!
Here is a cool little collage I created on my iphone.
We went and got me a diet coke and went to meet Rich's parents to watch the parade. I am not a big fan of parades but I was already sweaty and we were pretty much locked in because all the streets were already blocked off!! It wasn't too bad, just a little on the long side!!

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