Saturday, March 3, 2012


I was having a lovely girls weekend in Salt Lake when I got a call from a neighbor informing me that Max and his friend Nic (who was staying at our house for the weekend) had "graffiti'd" the neighborhood with pink and blue spray paint from my garage, and the police were at my house.
I asked Rich to come home early so that Alexa would not have to be in charge of the two mischievous boys plus Maizee. He did not do as requested and was no where to be found after the incident, he wouldn't answer my texts or calls.
Alexa got to deal with the police and a screaming baby and a little meltdown of her own. FINALLY, Rich called me back and I told him what I knew and told him to get his butt home quick.
The policeman talked to Rich and then he talked to the boys to help them to realize just how serious this little "painting of the neighborhood" was. Rich didn't really feel like they "got it."
I got updates from Rich as the night progressed and decided there was nothing I could do about it from Salt Lake, so I tried to enjoy myself.

Here are a couple "pre clean up" photos from the neighbor.

They mostly got fences and garbage cans but got a few garages and some stucco and rock on a few of the neighbors houses, oh yeah and the neighbors tailgate. They also went to the school and went around some of the brick, some windows and the kindergarten playground.
We had Nic's parents make other sleeping arrangements for him because we didn't think the boys would realize they were in HUGE trouble if they continued on with the sleepovers.
Saturday morning Nic, his brother Ethan and a cousin came to help with the cleanup. Rich had to go to Home Depot to buy graffiti remover that was really pricey ($100 pricey). I told Max he was going to be paying us back for a long time.
Luckily it did a good job at taking off the paint. It took several hours for them to get it cleaned up. Then they went to get started on the school but the janitor had already taken care of it, Rich was really relieved, he was tired!!
Rich was told to take pictures but of course he did not (he is pretty disobedient too)!!

I went around the neighborhood and found some spots that were missed or that couldn't be cleaned off!
"Post clean up" photos.
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The paint wouldn't come off the stucco and luckily the homeowner was very understanding and has supplies to fix it himself. I hope our poor tree doesn't die!!

Hopefully both boys learned a lesson. Max's punishment was being grounded for a week (at least) no sleeping downstairs on the weekend (his favorite) and NO playing the ipad. I really really hope he understands how serious this little stunt was!!

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