Friday, September 10, 2010

5th Grade Field Trip

I walked with the 5th graders to the Spanish Fork Cemetery to see the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Memorial. It is a half size replica of the wall in Washington D.C. I have seen this memorial twice and thought it would be fun to see the replica and spend time with Alex.
There are 58,253 names on this wall and it is a beautiful monument.
Here is most the wall in the background, it was so sunny that most of my photos didn't turn out great! It was a great day to be outside and the kids were very respectful and curious about the wall and what it represents.
We spent about 30 minutes there and we even had a question and answer with a "vet" before we left the cemetery, the kids asked him some great questions and he gave them some good information about what it was like to be in the Vietnam War and especially how they were received coming home.

Spanish Fork worked really hard to get the wall here and I think it is great to be able to bring historical things like that to the city so the young kids have an opportunity to learn more about their country.

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