Saturday, January 28, 2012

40th Anniversary

Well today marks the 40th Anniversary of my parents wedding day!! All us girls decided that they probably wouldn't do anything special on their own so we decided to take matters into our own hands. We decided to surprise them with lunch at Chuckarama (both of them love it)!!
Most the family was at Jake's basketball game along with my parents so Amy and Melissa were in charge of getting 40 balloons and my family was just trying to get there on time!! We had to wait til Alexa was done with cheer practice to leave. Melanie had a hard time delaying them so they got there before us, mom and dad didn't know we were coming so it was still a surprise but just didn't work out how we planned it!
We had the 40 balloons tied to the chair and everyone except Steve (he was at a race out of town) was there to celebrate!! We were there for several hours and had a fantastic time!
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I love my parents so much and I am so happy they decided 40 years ago to get married!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

6 Month Check-Up

Miss Maizee went to see Dr. Paxton today, here are her stats:
Height 25.5 inches (40th percentile)
Weight 14 pounds 2 oz. (15th percentile)
Head 97th percentile

She got 3 shots in her chubby little thighs
and these photos were taken RIGHT after, she was so brave. She screamed right when it happened and as soon as I picked her up she was fine and even smiling!! Oh how I love this little one!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Girl Chair

Since Maizee is getting SO BIG, it was time for her to start being part of the family at mealtime, but we don't have a very spacious kitchen so a high chair was out of the question and we don't have chairs (just stools) so a booster seat thingy was also not going to work. The ideal solution was a chair that attaches to the counter, but I checked all the stores and no one had one!! I knew exactly where to check next,, and they did not disappoint!! Found this beauty, exactly what I wanted and for only $18!!! I (heart) Amazon!!!
Now she can sit right up at the counter with us all and she LOVES IT!! On Sunday, Alex was telling us all about his trip to Six Flags and Maizee was sitting right next to him, she had her head turned and was listening very intently to his story. We were all laughing at her and she would look at us to see what was so funny and as soon as Alex started talking again she turned her head and just stared at him!! Cutest thing ever!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Half Birthday!!

Today my little Maizee is 6 months old!!! She is such a good baby I hate to see her growing so fast!!
Don't you just wanna kiss that face?!?! She is just so stinking sweet!!
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She has her 6 month check up in a few days so I will post her stats but I wanted to wish my sweet girl a very happy half birthday!!! Momma loves you!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frigid 5k

Rich and I headed to Utah Lake State park this morning for our first 5k of 2012. A good friend in our ward has 2 nieces that need bone marrow transplants and so some of the proceeds of this race will go to the family. We thought that was a pretty good cause so we signed right up. When we left our house it wasn't doing anything but as we got into Provo the rain was coming down. We stood in line to get our packets and the hail started falling.
We waited for the race to start in Rich's car.
It was raining but people were getting lined up so we jumped out, took a quick photo and headed to the start line.
Rich ran with me the whole time and we just chatted and got SOAKED TO THE BONE!!

Here are the post race shots, it was a good run and we finished in 34 minutes. We got some donuts and hot chocolate and went inside where it was warm and dry!! Being wet and soggy is pretty uncomfortable!! We met Alexa and the kids at Alex's basketball game still a little soggy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Bouncy Chair

A few weeks ago I decided Maizee was getting too big for her swing, every time we put her in she would try to sit up in it to see what was going on around her so I figured it was time to upgrade!!
I saw this cute bouncy seat at Walmart so I bought it and Rich and Max put it together for her, SHE LOVES IT!!! It gives her lots to do and see and it has music but the best part is, she is upright...her favorite position!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just a few random shots of Maizee this month, she is five months old and sitting up by herself!!!

She is just the sweetest baby ever and so tiny, it's funny to see her sitting up.

We all love her SO MUCH!! Alexa took these two pictures and she caught her at just the right time to make it look like she was actually posing!! S.O. C.U.T.E!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jazz Game

Rich's mom gave me her tickets to the Jazz game tonight so I asked Max if he would go on a date with me. Rich really wanted to go too but there were only 2 tickets.
We dropped Maizee off at Rich's work and headed to Salt Lake. We stopped at The Gateway for dinner (Hot Dog on a Stick) and then walked over to the game!!

Max was cheering and we were having a great time, until he decided to cheer for the "red" team, we played the LA Clippers. He just thought it was so funny he was cheering for the other team! But we killed them and towards the end of the game the "red" team didn't do anything worth cheering for so he decided to cheer for the "white" again. He ate some cotton candy and we got stuck in the parking garage for a while but it was a great date!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Six Flags...Alex

Jeff, Harrison, Parker and Alex left Sunday afternoon for CALIFORNIA!! Monday morning they headed to Six Flags for a day of roller coasters and FUN, I am pretty jealous, it has been a really long time since I have been there and they have tons of new rides!

Jeff texted me these photos of the boys and I am SO GLAD he did!! They spent all day at the park and got to go on all the rides several times, after they went to Olive Garden for dinner. They woke up at 5am Tuesday morning and drove home. A very quick trip but they had a blast!! They all have season passes too so you might see a few more posts like this one!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Best

I think I will have to do this every Sunday...she looked so adorable that I thought we needed to have a quick photo shoot after church. Alexa propped her up on the couch and stood close while I snapped a few pics.

She is just getting so big so fast!!! She is almost 6 months old!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cheer Competition

All the cheerleaders went to the high school Friday night for a little "party" to get ready for their first competition. They all put curlers in each others hair and watched a movie.
Alexa, Maddi, Paige and Josie wanted to "show off" their awesome look so they stopped at the store on their way home!!
Aren't they so cute?!?

The competition was at Timpview High School in Provo. They all rode the bus there together.
Here they are posing before they performed. It was a long wait since they didn't go on til 2pm.
They are next!!!
Here is their final formation!! They did an excellent job and hit all their stunts, the routine was really good, I have never seen them perform it and I was impressed. Alexa is a base since she is SO STRONG!!

Isn't she a beauty??
The Harris's, Mom, Amb, Monica, Melanie, Kenzie, Brooklyn, Brinlie, Melissa and Harper all came to the competition!! What a supportive family I have!! Alexa was excited to have such a big cheering section. I love my family!!
It was pretty loud in there and mom was worried about Maizee's ears so she stuffed toilet paper in them!! ha ha, not sure that did any good mom but thanks for trying!!!
The little ones were having a blast running around on the gym floor!! Harper and Nixon ran out on the mats between performances too, it was really cute!!
The Spanish Fork High School Cheerleaders got 2nd place!! YAY, they also qualified for Nationals in California!! They did a great job and I am so proud of Alexa.

After the competition we all went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, it was packed and crazy but yummy as always!! After we went to the mall for a bit and then said our good byes, it was a great day!!