Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Rich's family came to our house for a New Years Eve party. The party started at 6:30pm and we had soup in bread bowls for dinner. There were 3 different kinds and it was all really yummy. I am not a huge fan of soup but it was all really good!!
We all contributed to the meal and then also brought snacks for later.
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Rich got all our Christmas stuff taken down while I was at work. He cleaned the house and got everything ready. We had people come and go throughout the night but there were 19 adults and 19 children in all that came to the party (and that is without Alexa and Alex cause they stayed in Logan). That is a ton of people but we had room and I think everyone had a fun time!!

Brett brought Rock Band so after we ate we all went downstairs to play or watch (Rich...he wouldn't participate). We all had fun and there was lots of laughing involved!! It is pretty intimidating to get in front of the microphone and sing in front of people but most of us were able to over come the embarrassment and try it!!
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The kids were pretty much just on the loose all night and most of them were upstairs while we were all downstairs and this caused Rich some stress. We locked most of the doors to avoid total chaos but they were still able to manage to get into a little trouble, it was mostly Max and Ashton but no major damage and they had a great time together.

Rich was not happy about the party favors that I bought for the countdown...they included hats, horns, balloons, streamers and confetti. He was really worried about the mess. He should have just relaxed and enjoyed himself a little more. Everyone helped clean up after and it was easy too.

We turned on the TV and did the countdown. The kids had fun blowing their horns and making tons of noise. I tried to give Rich a New Years kiss but he was too worried about everything else that was going on to participate! Party Pooper!!
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Creed and Max tackled Rich when he was on his knees picking stuff up and attacked him with their horns. I think he might have enjoyed himself but not sure if he will be as anxious to offer our house again next year!!!
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I missed Alexa and Alex and all the yummy food my family eats on New Years but I know they all had a great time and I will see them tomorrow!!

I hope 2009 is full of happiness, health, a new job for Rich and lots of FUN MEMORIES!!!

New Years Eve...Oliver Style

Here is the party that Alexa and Alex attended. Most of my family got together at my Mom and dad's house except us and Melissa and Steve.
I LOVE the food we eat at New Years and that is pretty much the only time we have these yummy things. I made the dip but I missed the water chestnuts, fondue and most of all the DIVINITY. My Mom is the world's best divinity maker. She really is, some of my sisters have been getting lessons from her so someone besides her will be able to make it!!
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Looks like they all had a really great time. I can guarantee you that the mess at my Mom's house was bigger...she LOVES confetti and letting the kids do whatever they want and having a GREAT time!! I stole these photos off my sister Amy's blog. The new years TOAST is something I forgot about...good times!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We stayed in Logan all weekend and enjoyed spending time with my family. On Saturday the kids wanted to go sledding and some of them were already at Melissa's house so my mom and dad took the rest of the kids out there.
They have a big dirt hill in their back yard and it makes for some great sledding.
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Max and Brinli weren't too into the sledding so they stayed inside to watch The Grinch. Max was being naughty so Melissa said "Maxwell Bernard" and then he looked at her and yelled "COPE", he is so funny about that. If you just say Max then that is OK but if you say Maxwell Bernard then you better add Cope to the end of it or else he will.
We also noticed that he finished alot of other phrases we said. We were playing a card game and we kept saying "ready, set" and then he would say "GO", I can't remember the other one but it was pretty funny. He doesn't like leaving words out.

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Me, Rich, Monica, Amb and Mel didn't feel like joining in on the sledding so we went to Wingers for lunch and then to a few stores. It looks like we missed out on a fun time!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at Oliver's

We made it!!!
The kids were so excited to finally be at Oliver's house and to get started on round 2 of the presents. I just love Christmas day and being in our PJ's and sitting around and laughing and eating and playing together.

Max did not want to leave his Boozer guy in the car. We met up with uncle Isaac and he gave the kids a present and that is what Max got...and he LOVED it. He held onto it tight cause he didn't want anyone to take it.

Amy was excited to see Max and doesn't Owen look stinking cute in his Santa hat!!!

I was anxious to give Alex his Rollercoaster and Ferris Wheel. He has been wanting one forever and I knew he would be excited!!

Once again I was in charge of the video camera so not too many great pics but he was so happy and all the kids loved watching it. We had to put it away though so it wouldn't get destroyed!! I need to find a display case or something to put it in.

I think Max's favorite gift was his Hulk Hands. He was having SO much fun with these. He was punching everyone and talking in his crazy "Hulk" voice.
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The right hand has sounds when you punch something with it and it says "your making me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry" and so Max was saying "your making me angry" all day was really cute. Jake had a great time playing with Max.

These 2 pictures are just too funny. My mom is sometimes crazy and finds things that are so hilarious.
Have you ever seen a sleeper this big??? She got all the grand kids sleepers and I guess she didn't want Alexa to feel left out so she found a "giant one" for her. It was about as wide as it was long!!! Alexa "traded" her the sleeper for the Twilight CD...good trade, right?

Amy loves scarfs and winter hats so when my Mom saw this scarf/hat combo she knew Amy just had to have it. I am not sure if Amy was given the option to make a trade but I am sure she would have!!

Here are just some random pictures of the day...Melanie's presents won the "best wrapping job" award. They were so cute, she found glitter alphabet stickers and put everyone's names on the gift with them.
My Mom likes to stretch things out (and Melissa and Steve have to leave in the middle of the day to go to his families house). We usually get our "big" gifts in the evening.
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All the grand kids over 5 got a Nintendo DS and 2 games and a case to hold it all in. Once the kids opened those we didn't really see or hear from them the rest of the night. It was a great gift and they all LOVE them!!!

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Max LVOED his race car track and also his Spiderman sit-n-spin. Brinli got a princess castle and I can't really remember what Owen got because he was having SO much fun playing with the castle and Max's toys!!

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I HAD to post these photos becasue I LOVE Max's expressions as he is guzzling all my diet coke, yes my 2 yr old drinks diet coke. He is not addicted and I do not give it to him in his own cup but he tends to always want a drink of mine!!

Christmas 2008 was fantastic and I am so thankful for everything we were able to experience this season...loving thoughtful people, family memories, new traditions, old traditions, food, food and more food!!

The Drive

We left for Logan around 10am. It was lightly snowing and it was so pretty. When we hit Orem it was so windy that it was a white out for a few miles. Rich was a little tense driving.
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The roads weren't too bad until we got to the canyon and then we had to go alot slower. We made it there at about 12:30. The kids took a nap and I really like driving in the snow so I enjoyed the trip and was excited for Alex to see his present.

Santa Claus CAME!!!

When I was little my parents always put up sheets over the doorways with bells (so they could hear us if we tried to peek) so we wouldn't run into the living room and start looking at what Santa brought until we were all ready.
When I told the kids Santa was going to come to our house this year Alex was very sad that there would be no sheet to run through in the morning so I assured him that I would put up a sheet.
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Santa was very good to the kids this year. Alexa got clothes and some jewelry, Alex got a Littlest Pet Shop Panda and a skate board and some new shoes and Max got a Robot and Wall*e and the Wall*e DVD and a skateboard.

We got the kids each a big present. Alexa got a jewelry armoire (that I totally want and should have been selfish and kept for myself).

Alex finally got his k*nex roller coaster and ferris wheel (he had to wait til we got to Logan cause my best brother in law Jason put it together for him)!!

Max got a new bike. I was really surprised when he hopped on it and just started riding it (he never used the pedals on his trike just always pushed it around with his feet so I thought it would take some teaching but he took right off)!!

Here is Max with his presents, he really had a fun time opening them and then wanting everything out of the box so he could actually play with it. I was doing the video camera so Rich was in charge of the camera and he didn't take very many pictures.
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We got Alexa and Alex an ipod nano and they were really excited about it. They both got speakers too so they can listen to them in their rooms or wherever.

Rich surprised me with tickets to WICKED (I was really surprised but that is what I really wanted. They sold out within hours and he had several people calling trying to get them). He also got me the CD and a purse. I gave him clothes and new shoes, a huge box of peanuts and some cologne.
We had a great morning and now we are ready for round 2.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Children were Nestled all Sung in Their Beds...

When we got home from the Cope's the garage door wouldn't open. Rich figured we needed new batteries int he opener so he got out and went to the keypad to open it and it still didn't open. He went inside to push the button in the garage and nothing!!
While he was in the house he realized that some of the lights were not working either. He called his dad and he came over to check things out. I can't remember what it was that was the problem but it required a new part and obviously the stores were not open and wouldn't be until after Christmas. He rigged it so the heater worked and we got an extension cord for the fridge. We are SO LUCKY that we didn't head right to Logan after the party because we would have come home to frozen pipes and rotten food and who know what else!!!

After we got all that figured out it was pretty late so I gave the kids their new PJ's and got them all tucked into Alex's bed to watch a movie.
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Rich and I got everything situated and then we went to bed too. The kids set the alarm for 7am, Christmas is such a fun time!!!

I almost forgot...we had a jar of candy on our front door when we got home and a $100 Macey's gift card was taped to the top!!! I feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful, giving ward/neighborhood and we are VERY thankful for everyone's kindness. It was a very thoughtful thing to do and we greatly appreciate it!

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve we always go the Cope's house for dinner and a gift exchange. We had the most delicious dinner. Rich has a HUGE family so it is always quite a process to get together. Everyone was there for dinner except the Swensons but they came later. Norma is so good at putting everything together and there is always plenty of food!!!
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After dinner we all headed downstairs and everyone was really excited to begin the festivities.

Norma gave the scriptures to Joseph and he read us some scriptures, the kids were all really anxious to get to the presents.

After that we listened to Twas the Night before Christmas and Janean showed us the pictures. Max really liked the story and was actually listening to it.

Then the chaos began...we always do youngest to oldest and trying to remember who is what age can be difficult with 22 grand kids. Needless to say, it got really LOUD and quite comical as we tried to patiently take turns and also see what everyone got. There were some priceless moments (Norma yelling at Carrie tops them all)!!
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Max got a Hulk truck from one of Carrie's kids that is awesome but he really loved the cars that Kelsen got and it was a nightmare trying to get them away from him at the end of the night.
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Alexa got a beautiful pair of earrings from one of Carrie's kids.

Alex got Moonsand from Whytli and was really excited about it!! He loves to have projects to do (I need to be more patient and actually let him have fun).

Rich got a gift card to Outback from Janean and I got a very cute sweater and earrings from Jennifer (or maybe it was Dustin)!!
Rich's parents gave all their kids food storage stuff and the girls all got salon products (which I am SO excited about, I never splurge on good shampoo). Alexa got a lot of hair stuff and a cute shirt, Alex got a science project kit and Max got a van with a trailer and 2 motorcycles.

We had a great night and made lots of fun memories. Usually we head to Logan after the party but this year we decided to spend Christmas morning at home.