Thursday, July 31, 2008

News of the Day

When I checked my e-mail this morning I found out that my favorite band is coming back to town in October...I was SO HAPPY!!! Most of you all know that Dashboard confessional is my all-time fav. I saw them 3 times last year and have been really missing Chris so that was incredible news.
I have been on the computer since I got home from work and I found my long lost friend Lindsay on Facebook, I am so excited to meet up with her and catch up, its been a long time!! Aside from roasting to death (our a/c compressor went out) this is a pretty great day.
So I mentioned that I have been on the computer since 3pm (I have done 2 loads of laundry and made cookies in between) Max had on his "Batman" costume and I was going to grab the camera and take pictures of him cause he loves this costume and I haven't gotten pictures of him yet...well I waited too long and from my computer I could see him on the futon in the other room but I thought he was just watching TV. I kept on blogging and then got up to check on him and he was fast asleep!!!
He has had a terrible nap schedule this summer and is always trying to nap at 5 or 6pm, he has poop in his diaper so I have to wake him up anyway to change him but I love it when kids fall asleep in funny positions so I had to document it!!

Just for Fun!!

I was just looking at some older pictures and saw this one of Rich and couldn't believe how different he looks now.
I think this is the longest Rich's hair has ever been and obviously the shortest...quite a contrast huh.

Just for you prefer Long or None??

Alexa is CRAZY, Part II

Since she just keeps it coming, I just keep posting it...sorry if you are sick of seeing all the "many faces of Alexa" hopefully she will take a break for a while!! The video is great though, she can really "shake it" can't she?

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Bald Boys

You have all seen Rich's new "summer haircut" he just keeps shaving it, usually every 2 or 3 days but he has been known to do it twice in one day. He's a little obssessed if you ask me.
Alex was watching him last night as he was shaving his head and he decisded to put shave cream on his head so I told Rich to go ahead and shave him too.
Rich has forgotten to sunscreen his head alot so he keeps getting burned and he is getting a ton of freckles on his scalp, I hope that's the only thing he's getting (his mom is really worried about him really getting cancer and then having a reason to look like that, not just for fun)!
It took a LONG time for Rich to get Alex's head bald... his hair was short but not as short as it should have been, now I have 2 bald boys...they look great!

Family Night

After our FHE lesson we went to Trafalga for some mini golf. Max had so much fun!! He got SO excited when we finally got his ball into the hole!

We all thought the shark was pretty awesome...ok so pretty much I'm the only one that thought it was awesome but love for great whites is unexplainable it just is. I look quite thoughtful in this photo, I guess I was just dreaming of the time when I get to see one face to face!

Alex probably had the most fun! He would help Max and then take his was pretty busy so we played the same hole like 3 times waiting for the next one.

Rich was pretty proud of his "hole in one" not sure what's up with the face but you gotta love it!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Funny Story about Max

Max has been really obsessed with Spiderman, The Hulk and Batman for a few weeks now. When you say "Max" he will say "I'm Spiderman" or whoever he chooses to be for that minute and then he will give anyone else in the room a character to be also. Him and Rich have all sorts of fun chasing each other with the stuffed Hulk and Spiderman and talk in weird voices. He just figured out how to take off his shirt by himself so anytime he is "Hulk" he will rip his shirt off while he's growling (it takes him a few minutes to actually get it off).
The other day I was on my bed and he was "Batman" and he said "Mom, you Hulk, shirt off" Rich just looked at me and started laughing. Max didn't get what was so funny so he tried to help me get my shirt off!! I was laughing so hard and I can't remember how we distracted him but I didn't end up taking off my shirt!
I love how funny kids are and I hope he will keep his imagination, it's so cute!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alexa and Maddy

We had a neighborhood BBQ on Saturday night and my friend gave Alexa her camera and told her to go take pictures of the is a sample of what she got back!! I am very used to the self portraits and silliness on my camera so I just laughed when I saw these pictures!

Alexa and Maddy are great friends and I am so glad. As a mom you always worry about who your kids are hanging out with etc. and I never have to worry because Alexa has really great friends!! Last Monday she was at Maddy's and I called her to come home for Family Home Evening she said "can't I just have it with them, they are like my second family" I am so glad that she has such good friends and I am glad she feels like part of the family...hopefully she won't wear out her welcome!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My ABC's

A = ADVOCATE FOR: Shopping
C = COULDN'T DO WITHOUT: My Family (that includes extended family too)!!
D = DREAMS AND DESIRES: To be financially stable (not asking to be a millionaire just enough to enjoy life and not have to worry about money)
E = ESSENTIAL ITEM: A good book
F= FAVORITE PAST TIME: Playing with kids
H = HAVE NEVER TRIED: Sky Diving (but I will)
I = IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: I would pay off all debts and take my WHOLE family on a crise
J = JUNKIE FOR: Anything sweet, I love candy and desserts
K = KINDRED SPIRIT: My sisters
L = LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I am not shy
N = NEVER AGAIN WILL I: Look for a husband on LDSsingles.COM
O = OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: Massage or Pedicure
P = PERSON YOU'D LIKE TO MEET: Living...Johhny Depp (seems like he would be really fun to hang out with), Dead...Heath Ledger (he has got me captivated with his creepy performance in Batman).
Q = QUOTE: "Your boobs are huge..." Liar, Liar
R = REASON TO SMILE: Because "Life is great"
S = SORRY ABOUT: Not being as charitable as I should be...I am so blessed and I have good intentions but am bad with follow through.
V = VERY SCARED OF: Nothing really, I am pretty tough...I don't really like Snakes though.
W = WORST HABIT: My kids would say blogging (but they will thank me one day). I think procrastinating, going to bed with all the great things that I am going to accomplish the next day and not really ever doing all those great things!
X = X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Austrailia or a Cruise
Y = YESTERYEAR DECADE OF CHOICE: maybe the 40's, everyone was so carefree and the clothes were pretty awesome!! I love living right now though!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fiesta Days 2008

Spanish Fork LOVES the 24th of July and has a huge celebration every year called Fiesta Days. There is a Rodeo, Carnival, entertainment at the park etc. This morning Rich and I rose at the break of dawn to run in the 31st annual "Speedy Spaniard Road Race". It is a 10k race (6.2 miles), this is our 4th time running this race. My sister Monica has come the past two years and was planning on coming this year but she had to have a root canal and wasn't able to come, we really missed her!! The race starts at 6:30am and the weather was actually really good this year, it was overcast and a little breezy which made the run pretty enjoyable! Carrie and Janet also ran the race this year (they both beat me, they are awesome)!
Rich got 17th place overall and 2nd place in his age group. It only took him 37.44 minutes to finish (that's 6 minute miles people, he's a running machine)!! There were about 600 runners total so 17th place is pretty sweet! I took a little more time to finish, I came in at 1 hour 5 minutes. I obviously am not very competitive just out there having fun!!
We came home and got the kids and headed down to the Parade. It is SO long and not very exciting but I am not a huge fan of parades in general. It was pretty toasty but the kids had fun. Alex got hold of the camera and took most of these photos.

We all parked at Janet and Todd's house since they live right off main street. Almost all of Rich's family was there (Carrie and Jennifer were MIA).

Max was SO dirty when we got home. He got mad about something and was face down on the asphalt for a few minutes...also the chocolate donut he was enjoying was pretty messy. Parker thought it was cool the Missionaries were in the parade and wanted his picture with one.

After the parade we went home and got showered and took a little nap. We went to Barry's for a late lunch/dinner and then went to Grandpa Cope's for a BBQ. We had fun visiting for a few hours. Alexa and Alex went with Joseph and Harrison to the movie "Batman, The Dark Knight" it was Alexa's 2nd time. Alex loved it, I thought he might be scared but he wasn't.
Me, Rich and Max drove down to see the Firework show and it was pretty pathetic. I was glad we didn't go to the ballpark and have to fight the traffic afterwards. We had a great 24th of July!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tayana's 2nd Birthday Bash

Tayana is Alexa and Alex's little sis and she just turned 2!! They went up to Salt Lake for her Birthday Party.

Here she is opening her presents, the kids gave her a Barbie and a Barbie car...she really liked it!

I gave Alexa the camera and told her to take pictures cause we don't really have many pictures of them with their Dad and his family. Here is Alexa and Tayana.

Here is Sule with Alexa and Alex

There are the 3 Gowon kids...Alexa, Alex and Tayana

Here is Alexa with her Dad, Sule

Alex and Isaiah chillin in the sandbox, Isaiah is his cousin.

There is Tayana with her mom, Kalysa

Alexa and Uncle Shak (that's what we call him his real name is Ishaku but he goes by Isaac).

And there is Alex and Uncle Job...he works at Mini's Cupcakes so if your ever there, go say "Hi"

I am so glad that the kids were able to go and help Tayana celebrate her 2nd Birthday. She is a very cute little girl!

Camp Koholowo 2008

This was Alexa's first time at Girls Camp. It was Stake Camp and they were up at Camp Koholowo. Since I am the new Beehive Advisor I drove up on Tuesday to hang out for the day. Our Stake's week fell on a Holiday week so camp was only Monday, Tuesday and they came home Wednesday afternoon. Most of the girls at camp were Beehives.
The theme was the Olympics so they earned pins by memorizing scriptures and songs and then they could trade their pins.
They had fun playing in the rafters of the cabin.
They were playing Big Buddah (or Big Bootie is actually how they were playing). I haven't played that one so I just watched.
The tradition is to make the "first years" clean the bathroom. Luckily our ward was assigned the "wilderness bathroom" that hardly even got used so it was pretty easy. Maddy was not very happy about having to clean the toilet!!
They all pitched in and got done really fast. I think they got off too easy!
We had "Cafe Rio" salads for dinner and the Bishopric came up to eat and have Testimony meeting. The food was yummy. Here is Briana grilling up the tortillas.
Just waiting for dinner...
Just "sitting" around
We made ice cream to go with our peach cobbler. You just put half and half, sugar and vanilla into a zip lock bag and then in a bigger zip lock bag you put ice and some salt and you shake it around for about 10 minutes and it turns into ice cream. I was skeptical about the whole thing but it worked and was really yummy. Alexa was having too much fun shaking hers around!!
After dinner we had a testimony meeting and I am so glad that I was able to be there, it was a wonderful meeting. I wish all the parents could have come up. I am glad to be in the Young Women's program and be able to have these great experiences with Alexa!